Third Party Reporting

Third Party Reporting is an option for victims of sexualized assault who are 19 or older and have made the informed decision not to report to RCMP.

Third Party Reporting is a way to document information about the crime through a third party.

A victim of sexualized assault does not have to be staying at Women’s Transition Home to access Third Party Reporting, and it is available to both women and men.

What is Third Party Reporting and how does it work?
If you are not ready to report to the RCMP, you can give information to trained staff at Women's Transition Home about what happened and RCMP will receive the information and details without your name.

You can tell Women’s Transition Home staff what happened to you. The RCMP will receive the name of the person who assaulted you and the details of what happened without knowing your name. There will be a record of what happened in case you decide to report in person to the police.

What will happen after you make a Third Party Report?
Women’s Transition Home will keep your name confidential and provide the RCMP with information about what happened. The RCMP will not do an investigation. People who commit sexual assault often sexually assault more than one person. If the police get information that the same person who assaulted you assaults someone else, they may contact Women’s Transition Home. Women’s Transition Home will follow up with you to see if you want to give more information. It will be your choice.

Options for Victims of Sexualized Assault

Contact local RCMP or call 911

Kits on Ice
Sexual assault evidence kits involve a medical examination where a doctor or nurse takes your medical history, checks for injury, and possibly takes pictures of injuries, does a head to toe exam, and takes clothing as evidence.

If you don’t want to report to RCMP, the Kit will be stored without your name attached for up to 6-months.

If you decide to go forward with the legal process within six months, the Kit will be used as evidence. If you decide to not go forward with the legal process the Kit will be destroyed. The Sexual Assault kits and kits on ice are available at Whitehorse General Hospital.

Victim Services
Access Support and Information about the Criminal Justice System at Victim Services

Phone 667-8500 or toll-free 1-800-661-0408

Women’s Transition Home Crisis Line
Women’s Transition Home staff are available 24 hours a day for support.
Phone 668-5733
Please call collect if outside of Whitehorse.

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