What to pack?
If your safety is at risk, please come immediately and we can assist you in getting what you need.

When you have made the decision to leave your home to escape violence, it can often be an overwhelming experience. Here is a list of items to consider taking with you. 

How long can I stay?
Generally, women can stay 30 days on the transition level, 6 months in second stage apartments at Kaushee’s Place and 18 months in the apartments at Betty’s Haven. Women can apply for extensions on the transition level or the second stage housing program.

What if there isn’t room?
We make room by adding cots to rooms if needed.

Can my teenage son stay with me at the transition home?
Yes, if you fit the mandate and you and your son can live communally. Adult women and their dependent children under the age of 19, including male children, can access our services.

Can I stay if I am LGQBTQ2s+?
Our residential services are available to anyone who identifies as a woman if you fit the mandate and can live communally.

Can I stay if I’m not a Canadian citizen?
Yes, if you fit the mandate and can live communally. We can assist you where needed.

Do the staff speak any other languages?
Yes, several of our staff speak French as well as other languages. If you would like to speak to someone in your mother tongue, please ask our staff.

Can I get support if I don’t want to stay?
Yes, we provide accompaniment to appointments, referrals and support in person or through our crisis line.

Can I bring my pets?
Unless registered service dogs, we are unable to have pets at Women’s Transition Home. We can assist in finding a foster for your pet/s through Mae Bachur Animal Shelter or Kona’s Coalition.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Your information is kept confidential and only shared if you sign a release of information form.

Will I have to share a room?
Sometimes women who don’t have children share a room with another resident.

How do I get there?
If you’re not sure, please call our crisis line. We can assist with transportation.

Can I stay if I’ve been partying?
Please come to the home and we will work with you.   

Can I have visitors?
Yes, we have all visitors sign a confidentiality form stating they won’t disclose who is staying at Women’s Transition Home. Residents on the transition level can visit with female friends or family in the front room. Residents can also meet with other agencies like Family and Children’s Services, RCMP or Victim Services in the front room. Second-stage residents can have female visitors in their apartments between 7am to 12am. Older male children may visit residents.

Is there a cost to stay?
The transition level is free and includes meals. We charge social housing rates up to fair market value to rent a second stage apartment.

What if I don’t have any money?
We can assist you in accessing supports. You can stay here if you don’t have any money.

Do I have to participate in any programming?
We encourage residents to attend house meetings, but participation in any programming is up to you.

Are the staff trained?
Our staff are trained in Response-Based Practice, First Aid and CPR, and ASSIST. The staff also attend various training sessions and conferences.

Is there a curfew?
Yes, the curfew for transition level residents is 12am. Exceptions can be made for women who work outside of regular business hours. Residents of the transition level can ask management for an authorized overnight to stay somewhere else if needed. Residents in second stage apartments do not have a curfew.

Is there internet and computers to use?
We do not have internet or computers for the residents to use. We keep an updated list of places that offer internet and computers.

Is there childcare available?

In extenuating circumstances, staff can provide childcare services to enable women to attend appointments or programming within the community. We can assist women in accessing child care subsidies and appropriate day cares. Residents in second stage apartments can have someone provide childcare in their apartment until 12am.