What is abuse?

What is violence?

  • Physical violence or sexualized assault
  • Financial control
  • Emotional verbal assaults
  • Stalking
  • Harassment 
  • Threats to hurt you, your children or pets
  • Threats to commit suicide if you leave
  • Harm to your property
  • Human trafficking

The rate of violence against women is very high in Yukon. Women from all backgrounds regardless of income, ability, religion, cultural or ethnic group or sexual orientation experience violence.

We know that the time of greatest risk for women and their children is when they leave or are attempting to leave the relationship.

We believe that violence is deliberate and that victims resist. 

Women and children may be afraid that no one will believe them. They may be afraid that things will be worse for them if they disclose. They may be ashamed thinking that they are to blame for the violence or are told they deserve it.

At Women’s Transition Home, we believe, support and shelter women and their children. We assist women in creating safety plans and provide advocacy and referrals to women experiencing violence.