Together for Safety

Following the signing of the Together for Justice March 8, 2013 between Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society and Watson Lake RCMP, Whitehorse women’s groups began working with the Whitehorse RCMP to create Together for Safety.

Together for Safety outlines how Whitehorse RCMP and the Whitehorse women’s groups will work together to foster a community that is safe for all women.

The Together for Safety signatories share a common goal: to improve response services to women in Whitehorse. By strengthening relationships between the Whitehorse RCMP and women’s advocacy groups they will build mutual understanding and trust. Whitehorse RCMP and Whitehorse Women’s groups signed Together for Safety May 29, 2015.

Since, the groups have strengthened relationships and understanding of each other. This, in turn, has improved our respective services and ability to collaborate. One objective of Together for Safety is to ensure that the collaborative relationship that was built between Whitehorse women’s groups and Whitehorse RCMP during the creation of the Together for Justice Protocol continues.


If you would like to share information about your interactions with RCMP, please call our Crisis Line at 668-5733 or email


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