Second Stage Apartments

Betty’s Haven is a 10-unit Second Stage Housing complex where women who have stayed at Kaushee’s Place can apply to live for up to 18 months. Residents pay social housing rates up to fair market value for 1 to 3 bedroom apartments. There is no restriction on the number of occupants for the 1 to 3 bedroom apartments.

Betty’s Haven is equipped with a communal kitchen where weekly house meetings and in-house programming are offered.

Staff provide support, advocacy, accompaniment to appointments and referrals to residents of our Second Stage program.


Betty's Story

Betty Sjodin was born in Ross River and raised traditionally. After having been a resident, she chose to dedicate her life to supporting women and children fleeing abuse and became a Transition Home Worker.

Betty provided the community with a remarkable example of leadership, compassion, and strength.

Her empathetic and kind nature, as well as her courage to share her own life experience, often gave other women the strength to recognize their own resistance and resilience.