Emergency Shelter

Kaushee’s Place is a transition home for women experiencing violence. It is free of charge, and women of all ages and their children can stay. We have a shared kitchen and living room, nine bedrooms and a playroom. 

Kaushee’s Place staff can assist women in accessing community resources.

Kaushee’s Place staff are always available by phone or in person. We provide non-judgmental support, advocacy, accompaniment and referrals to women who have experienced violence whether or not they are staying at the Women’s Transition Home. 

What to pack
If your safety is at risk, please come immediately and we can assist you in getting what you need.

When you have made the decision to leave your home to escape violence, it can often be an overwhelming experience. Here is a list of items to consider taking with you. 


Kaushee's Story

Kaushee’s Place is named after the late Kaushee Harris, a Tlingit First Nation woman from Atlin, BC. She was a gentle and loving fierce advocate for women. A mother of seven, a teacher and leader, Kaushee started a safe home for women, which is now Women’s Transition Home.

Kaushee never forgot others who were confronted with challenges and barriers, and until her death, Kaushee worked diligently for the betterment of Yukon society.